What’s in Worship

As the debate continues to grow in our churches over Worship, I think I may have found the heart of the issue this past weekend. And Yes, pun intended.
I visited Forest Park Baptist Church in Joplin, Missouri this most recent weekend.  http://www.fpbc.net/
I chose their 9:30 a.m. early service, so as to make my son’s noon start time baseball game.
I really do enjoy the pastor of the church and his apparent passion as flock leader of this local assembly. The church program lists the early service as “Classic Service.” It does live up to the billing as over 90 percent of those attending this time slot appear to be in the retirement category. Although it could be said that I’m not to far away, in comparison to eternity.
The choir gave a small glimpse into the upcoming Easter Contata, but that is not what I want to share.
What caught my attention was on the front row. A very dedicated lady was “signing” for a couple of “handicapped” people who I’m assuming can not hear.
The lady was singing to these people with her hands. That in itself was beautiful, but those two “handicapped” people were signing back. It wasn’t just the fact that they themselves were signing, but it was the zeal of their body language. It moved me to tears.
They were truly worshiping the Lord. Now the Psalms (100 in particular) tells us to make a joyful noise into the Lord.
I truly believe that this is not from our mouths, but from our hearts. In fact, I have to believe that those two people who were signing back were making the most beautiful “noise” in the eyes of God and Heaven. I don’t want to dismiss the choir or the rest of the congregation who were singing, but all I really heard in my heart was what was going on with these “handicapped” congregants.
I asked one time in this blogspot, what does Grace smell like? Maybe I should follow that with, what does Grace sound like. I will save that for another time however. I want to stay focused on the worship of these signers. The Lady who was signing was obviously exerting an endless amount of energy to lead this couple in worship. She was the true worship leader in this service. Perhaps, if you believe the bible, she was a willing vessel of the Lord. In short, she was “speaking their language”. They, in response, were speaking “His” language.  My response was to worship the Lord myself. How could I resist, after all, I was witnessing the true heart of worship. I couldn’t take my eyes of this worship experience, how could I, I was staring the Holy Spirit in the face. Wow.
If these two believers were truly (physically) deaf, then is the sound of music a mute or moot point for worship? It would be easy to argue the style of music, but in context to the experience I witnessed, we may all be missing the point. It is a Heart Thing.
The scriptures tell us that David was a Man after God’s own heart. David was not perfect, far from it, but yet understood the heart of God. Obviously his wife didn’t, as she judged his style of worship (dancing) as an embarrassment. David danced with all his might.
Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God is one LORD: and thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. David got it, and so did those I joyfully watched sign in church.
These people are labeled “handicapped,” but I think they are the ones who truly understand the heart of worship. Perhaps the rest of us are the ones who are handicapped.


One Response to “What’s in Worship”

  1. Angie Says:

    Hey there!
    Joey was really sorry to miss you on your way to Gulfport. Try to give us a call when you head back through. We’d love to visit a bit. Until then, stay safe. You’re in our prayers.
    Love you!

    (The girls say ‘HI’!)

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