What’s in a Champion

I literally walked into a debate last week, and I can’t seem to get the discourse out of my head.tim_tebow
As I walked into the gym, I was asked about my thoughts on Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow.
Now if you haven’t learned of this splendid lad, then you are truly missing out. He happens to own some heavy hardware that’s handed out by many outlets including the NCAA. One piece, the 2007 Heisman Trophy.
Even if you aren’t a fan of college football or the Gators, this athlete is truly a champion.
Did you know that Tebow was home schooled? Seriously, home schooled. Our public schools scowl at the classrooms of our homes. I also want to share with you that Tim’s mother was told to abort him as she was pregnant. Story is, there was an infection the doctors said would kill her child. There was no abortion, but still the doctors were skeptical and were expecting a still-born.

More than 20 years have passed, but still the skeptics abound.
This brings us back to the pigskin controversy. Seems one side of the ruckus was contending that Tebow was good according to the system that Florida runs between the hashmarks. Any QB would be great in the reptiles offensive scheme.
Well, although I could dispute the seemingly outlandish claim, that doesn’t mean Tebow isn’t a great college football player.
footballstorageWhich brings me to my next question. When can we as fans  start to celebrate greatness? Must we always put outstanding athletes and/or players in our own little boxes? So let’s unpack.
Case in point, I’m not a Yankees fan per say. However, I can’t deny the fact that Derek Jeter is a great baseball player and the poster boy for the pin stripes in New York. How can a pure hardball fan not like the player who dons the #2 Uni in the city that never sleeps?
If the Bronx Bombers happen to play my Cardinals in the World Series, I won’t pull for Jeter. I also won’t bash him for being great either. I won’t compartmentalize is achievements as being surrounded by the best players money can buy. Simple truth, he’s a greattebow player.
I can’t help myself, I happen to believe that Tebow is a champion on and off the field. He is truly a leader. He’s passionate, athletic, competitive, intelligent and his heart beats victories much to chagrin of many football fans across our nation.
Have you heard “The Speech”? It is enshrined on the campus in Gainesville for all to see and remember. It wasn’t just that he followed through on his promise, it was that he led his team on his promise. He used all the tools, blessings and gifts God instilled in him before birth to cash in his mark on greatness.
He is a huge part of the two national championships over the last three years at the southern panhandle state. Now the push is on for a third title in four years and a repeat in gridiron greatness.
Even if the Gators don’t win the crown, Tebow will arguably go down as one of the greatest college players in the history of the game.
My answer to the fuss was this, I’ll take 11 of him any day. Fact is, there is only one of him and he is still winning. System or no system, he continues to deny the naysayers. One of him will suffice it seems.
The story of Mr. Tim Tebow is to large for me to confine in this blog, so stay tuned to see what he’s going to do next.
John Wooden once said, “Sports Do Not Build Character…They Reveal It.”
This young player happens to be a man of character who plays college football on the national stage, not a college athlete who happens to be a man of character.
Let us celebrate greatness, but better yet, let us celebrate the greatness that God has instilled in all of us.
Are you a man of character on or off the grand stage of life? Hebrews says we are surround by a great cloud of witnesses. The world is watching, so let us celebrate as Champions on the field of Life.


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