What’s in Smell

I was mowing my aunts yard the other day when I had to travel under an evergreen. As the limbs brushed over me, the smell of the evergreen made my shoulder sting. Oh it wasn’t the tree, but rather the memory of smell that took me back to the days of my youth.
When I was a young lad and playing football in the streets of Texas, a pass found its way into the neighbors evergreen. When I reached up to grab the pigskin, three hornets were on the defensive and quickly stung me. Now the memory sting only lasted as long as the whiff, but it reminded me of the powerful sense of smell.
k2220863Smell can be intoxicating like a perfume one moment and stenchly stifling the next. If I mention fried chicken, BBQ or pizza, can you sense the 179chickenomaha03_small1smell?
What’s even better, is when you sniff familiarities that take you home, to your school or even the ballpark.
So it begs the question, What does Grace smell like?
Does Grace smell like a early spring rain? Perhaps the essence of pines and spruce from the mountains. Could it be the honeysuckle or even roses? Is the garden the aroma of Grace personified?
I might tell you that my grandmothers house was the redolence of my youth, and the bouquet of dinner there is still a vivid memory.
Can we smell Grace? I wonder, because I think we all know the odor of sin. The flavor of sin can be as intoxicating as the incense of Grace, but the stench can’t be quenched.
The scent of fresh fruit is delightful, but rotten fruit is the emanation of death.
I may not know exactly what Grace smells like, but i do know what the Bible says. The incense of all the prayers of the saints was offered up on the altar. We read about this in the book of Revelation.
HoneysuckleThe prayers of the Saints are a sweet incense to our God the Creator.
What did the cross smell like, and how about the empty tomb?

I know that Faith is not something we can touch, see or even smell, but somehow I believe we can identify with the fragrance of heaven if we just pay attention. May you inhale the Word of God this day.


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3 Responses to “What’s in Smell”

  1. matt Says:

    Very good post, bro.

  2. thsportsguy Says:

    My brother is the gummy lego man. I’ll have to ask him.

  3. thsportsguy Says:

    It seems that they were made by using real legos as the model form. Go figure!

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