What’s Up

Wow! It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything to my blogsite, and to be honest, I’m struggling to post anything now.
Oh I’ve wrote several potential blogs, but for one reason or another, I’ve not suspended them on the big world of blogsphere.
It’s not that I don’t have anything to say or that I can’t think of anything thing worthwhile to post.
I have plenty of things to post, but honestly, I don’t think most of you would really sit down and ponder the words cycled from my mind. I could ramble on about theology, sports, friends, church, work, kids, traffic, people, government, weather, Lego’s, bugs, snakes, women, superstars, Rachel McAdams, weightlifting and baldness.200px-The_Time_Traveler's_Wife_film_poster


Don't tell my nephew, but they have "gummy lego's"

Now I know that two of those stuck in your mind, Rachel McAdams and Lego’s. I don’t have a problem essentially with either one, but there seems to be Lego’s everywhere in my house. I’ve decided not to pursue Ms. McAdams since she doesn’t know I exist. Legos on the other hand, apparently thrive in my house. If this seems puzzling, then let me remind you that she won’t return any of my phone calls, emails, twits or letters.
Seriously, I think she doesn’t like Lego’s. My brothers’ son loves Lego’s and these things are reproducing. They are in the dryer, in the carpet, in my room, in the kitchen, in the closet and behind everything against the wall. Last night as I got out of “the chair” there was a lego in the seat. If your wondering, I have no answer.
Now to the topic of the blog, what’s up. That’s the heck of it. Rachel McAdams has a new movie and she is too young for me to dream about, and yes, Lego’s seem to be even transcending into my dreams.
Nothing is up, my life has come down to picking up Lego’s these days.
Actually, Lego’s can teach us lot about our lives. Whatever your passion is, there will be remnants spread all over our own little world. My nephew loves Lego’s and always is playing with them. He has so many that they are everywhere as you have read. His passion, even though not my own, has indirectly touched mine. Just a couple of months ago I took a dresser to my son at college. I thought I had it cleaned out well, but their was a trail of Lego’s from the truck to his room. Lego’s made their way to college.
What ever is up in your life, good or bad, it will have its remnants lying around. You can ask my dearest friends and those who think they know me the best and they will tell you my passions. The crumbs of my life are sprinkled every path I’ve crossed.
This reminds me to be careful of what residue I feel needs to be left lying around in my own little world.
If your passion is truly Christ, then may the dust of your walk fall on those around you. May your passions exalt the one from whom they come. Let no debris be left that can’t reflect the Glory of the Most High God.
I’m sure there will continue to be lego lunacy in my house until he hopefully moves on to building relationships. Then maybe he will see the debris left lying around by a loving Savour.
Pick up the pieces, fit them together and build a lasting relationship with King of Kings.


2 Responses to “What’s Up”

  1. Ray Edwards Says:

    Great blog. I hope to leave enough positive debris from my life that after I move to my heavenly home, folks are still making something good out of it.

    Thanks Bro.

  2. Megan Says:

    That’s an awesome piece of work in that blog. Very insipiring.

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