What’s in brotherhood

Let me get a count of those who have ever been punched in the stomach?index
There is a proverb (18:24) that reads, “there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” I think it is easy to read that verse and think of our friends that we feel we can count on from day to day. Maybe like me, you have friends that have been there through thick and thin. Friends that you can call when things are distraught and when things are glorious. A brother to share shortcomings and victories. Who are the friends you call? It is all so valuable for men to have healthy relationships with other men. We need each other to stay sharp. Another proverb(27:17) reads “iron sharpens iron, so does one brother

Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron

sharpen another.” I have to have Godly friends to stay healthy with my relationship with the Lord. I need other men to keep me accountable, and I certainly need other men to go to battle with. If you haven’t noticed, this life can be a daily fight. It is a war zone out there and Satan is out to destroy our walk, our testimony and above all else, our families and friends.

Have you ever noticed in action and drama films when the bad guy is trying to get the good guy? The villain will almost always turn the gun on those closest to the hero.
So, what do you do when the villain and the “friend that sticketh closer than a brother” happen to be the same person?
Is it what they call being hit with friendly fire?
Can you save a man from drowning if he refuses to grab on to the life vest you have thrown him? The truth of the matter, it is that betrayal that has me drowning, and my friend won’t throw me a life vest.
Our iron has sharpened each others iron for years and now I’m cut and bleeding. In fact, as I look around me, there are countless victims dieing in a sea of betrayal.
You see, that is what divorce does. That is what sin does to all those around you. There is a statistic that says divorce directly affects a minimum of 300 people. An affair that destroys two families drives those numbers higher. Countless lives will be touched and impacted in a negative way because of sin and divorce.
You might be asking why such gloom and doom. When you are a child of divorce and deception, your life is changed forever. This sort of things tends to make one angry all over again. I hate divorce and will fight for my friends to keep them from suffering the demise.
If I’m your friend, I’ll be that one that sticketh closer than a brother. Even to the point where I’ll defend you until betrayal slaps me in the face.
Guys, we must stay strong and faithfully sharpen each others iron. The battle is getting intense. I don’t want to see another brother fall to the disease of infidelity. Not only does this illness directly cripple my friend, but his whole family is suffering from the affects of this infestation.
Rise up brethren, the battle is raging. This is a call to arms. I will not stop praying.blood_brothers_front_small
Remember always, no matter what, the Lord will never disappoint.


One Response to “What’s in brotherhood”

  1. Erica Says:

    I appreciate having a friend like you that I know will keep me accountable and always love and support me and my family. All of us who are friends of yours are blessed to call you a friend. I always love reading your posts. Have a GREAT day!

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