What’s in being fruitful

I heard a pastor just last night that got inside my head enough to keep me from sleeping. It was a topic I had never really thought of. Well, I had, but not enough to ever discuss it with any one. It wasn’t on purpose, it was just a topic that I thought was never presented to the church or Christians for that matter.
Okay, so I’ve lingered long enough. The topic is being fruitful as a Christian. Having large families to be exact.
According to statistics, mathematically, Christian families are not keeping up. In layman’s terms, for every Christian that dies, there is not a Christian replacing that life.
Now I know that you can’t be born a Christian, but the chances are great that Christian families that have offspring will become Christians. Look in all cultures and the kids become a product of their environment.
Doesn’t sound like a big enough deal. Hey man, having big families is not worth “dying on the hill” for. Well the group of people in this world that hates America and Christians the worst, are on average have much larger families. The are reproducing more frequently than Christians.
I still haven’t chewed this topic enough, so that is why I would covet your wise input as Christians readers.
Before you do however, be careful that you don’t sound like the world.
In Genesis God said to be fruitful and multiply. From a deep theological standpoint, there is a personal reason for this.
Also, many bible scholars and readers wonder where America is in the book of Revelation. Maybe, the pastor remarked, we ran out of Christians.
After much thought, why don’t you see large families any more?
Most of the reasons can simply come down to selfish and/or worldly reasoning. Now when this pastor shared this message he used actual interviews sharing what most people reason with. I understood and agreed with them (till this topic).
Outside of a mass revival in America, Christians voices will continue to diminish over time. Like it or not, heathens are reproducing faster than the Christians. Yes, even Christians have slimmed down their family sizes for a variety of reasons without thinking about being fruitful and multiplying. In conjunction with the divorce rate, Christians are simply not stepping up to the plate. The pastor was passionate about standing before God and trying to explain why the unbelievers were “out-begatting” the Christians.

Now I’m not doing this topic justice, so if you want to dive into this more before you scald me then google love, marraige and stinking thinking. It is all very interesting to say the least, and maybe just worth repeating to the church.


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