What’s too much

If you haven’t kept up in the baseball world, then I will let you know that $45 million over two years is too much money.
I’m a baseball purist and love the game, but I also feel that some players can make too much green.
Arguably one of the best hitters in baseball today, Manny Ramirez will play for $45 mil over the next two seasons.
If you know much about the history of baseball in the 20th Century, then there are those who believe players should get every penny they can. I disagree. I wish players would play for the love of the game first. Obviously there is nothing wrong with getting paid, but who on this earth is worth this much money for anything they do.
Of course Ramirez might be a great humanitarian that is going to touch countless lives with his cash. Maybe he is going to support those who have given their lives to touching eternity. He could give 90 percent away and still be considered a wealthy man for the rest of his life.
Baseball has truly sickened me this day. I’m not jealous, I’m just sick of inflated egos getting paid to have inflated egos.
I ask the baseball nation to stop this insanity.


One Response to “What’s too much”

  1. Glodie Says:

    Go Manny Go!

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