What’s in the Razorback losses

I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been patient, and a proud supporter of the Razorbacks all season. I just won’t keep silent any longer.
There has to be a believable reason behind all the SEC losses that the Razorbacks are incurring. Even at home, they don’t seem immune to losing.
Believe it or not, losing can become a habit. You can get on a losing streak just like a winning streak.Sick Pig
Great teams find a way to win. The opposite can be said for the teams that find a way to lose.
There has to be reasons for only one conference win and all these defeats.
Where do you start? Is it chemistry, or could it be that the clubhouse has a cancer? Coaching philosophy, young players and lack of depth can be attributed to any one of the many setbacks Arkansas has incurred in the second half of the season.
It could just be as simple as they aren’t very good. If that is the case, then recruiting failed. I don’t like it when the sports nation says the SEC is down, but it could be true this season. If that turns out to be the case, then that makes Razorback nation feel worse.
I’m not trying to be one of the many negative fans who yells out negative vibes every time there is a turnover or missed shot, but I’m starting get sick at my stomach after each game.
Then there is the players, how is this affecting them. I can only think that they must be beating there heads against the wall.
Even as I type these miserable words, my head is starting to spin wondering why Arkansas can’t find a way to win.
I digress, but I’m going to hang on. I going to taste the sweetness of victory soon. Arkansas is going to literally rebound from this misery and be back on top of the league soon.
If you are a true Razorback fan, then don’t go to hogville.net. This site will truly make you mentally ill. If you in any way think this post is negative, then you will think I’m a saint if you visit the site.
Actually, when you start reading all the negativity it starts to trash your thoughts and beliefs. You can see what has happened to me. I can’t seem to write anything positive. I need help. Please, all Razorback fans, start writing and vocalizing positive vibes. Throw some grace out there.
I’ll start. I’m behind the program. I’ve certainly proved it this season.
WhoooooPigSoooooie. Is it working? Does anyone believe they will win Saturday?


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