What’s in an Uncle

I recently received news of the passing of Uncle Bill. For some of you, Uncle Bill means nothing unless you have an Uncle Bill of your own.
Your uncle may be Uncle Pete, Dan, Roger, Bob, Doug, Enrique or Mickey, and you may be one of the lucky ones to have had such a wonderful uncle.
Before I tell you too much about this wonderful man, let me just say that his life has always brought joy. Some of you who are closest to me can blame this man for the bantering you have received from me. That’s right, he was one of my dearest teachers of being jovial, fun-loving and downright cantankerous.
I don’t have any ill thoughts of him, and why should I, he was my uncle. If being an uncle was a job, then he was definitely the most gifted and skilled.  If he wasn’t up to something, then he was sleeping. Even then, he was probably dreaming up some prank.img_00501
He liked to pick at you, but in a loving way. He gave my sister a nickname that she will bury with him, unless I keep it alive. So we can safely say, that he will take that name with him.
I have countless favorite stories, but here is one of my favorites. Now he and my aunt had a lake cabin which was the sight of many family reunions. I happened by him in a moment in time when he called upon my assistance. Now you have to understand that there was honor in being called upon to help in any matter for Uncle Bill. “Hey Curtis David, could you help me for a minute?” Uh-Huh I remarked. “You see that rock down there?” After looking down, I once again  said uh-huh. “Do you think you could pick that up for me, it would be a huge help.” As I bent down to pick up this rock that was embedded, he turned on the shower head that was hanging from the tree. I was soaked, and he giggled as I fell victim to his charade. I wasn’t the only victim that day, but I thought someday I would get him back. I never did.
You see, Uncle Bill had the unique ability to make everyone smile and/or giggle just by mentioning his name. He was something.
He also had the ability to make each niece or nephew feel special and important. He always boasted of my parents and always fluffed up the hero in my life, my father. He was a salesman. What was he selling? He was selling life and love. You were somebody in his presence.
I’m blessed, I have a great big family that loves me and each other. Of course, Uncle Bill was a huge part of that. His memory will certainly resonate laughter and fun times for many family and friends in the days to follow. I can still hear him laughing. It brings a smile.
I didn’t shed a tear when hearing of his passing, but as I try to put into words who he was, I can’t stop the emotion. One of the many memories has me rushing back to the days of my youth when he taught me to swim. How ironic is life when sadness can bring us joy.
To my “Moore” cousins, I Love You and I’m sorry for your deep loss. He will be missed.
I am a much richer person on this earth for having Uncle Bill as part of my life.
May you cherish the Uncle(s) in your life.



One Response to “What’s in an Uncle”

  1. Kim Says:

    I will miss him too. What a special person he was. I’ll always love him and remember the joy and love he shared.

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