What’s this Stimulating Hysteria

A friend and I were talking about the hysteria surrounding this supposed recession we are in. You know the one the media keeps talking about every hour of every day. I’m not going to send up some smoke screens and say that this country doesn’t have any problems, but it seems the liberal media and the socialist party has embarked on a ploy to to set up the new savior called Obama.
Now this friend of mine was listening to this middle-aged woman tell how the economy has halted her families Friday night outings that they are accustomed to. My friend politely apologized for not knowing that one of them (husband and wife) had lost their job. She got a confused look on her face when he made is peculiar statement. “Neither of us has lost our job.” My friend then further inquired about cut hours, cut in pay until he realized that nothing had changed in their income or jobs. Is this hysteria happening everywhere? He then challenged her to keep her Friday night date since nothing had changed in their household.img_45ab85b7d1a732

If the majority of Americans take this attitude, that is, if there is no change in the dynamics of your household, then carry on financially as you have. Unless you are in debt up to your eyeballs.
The socialist  want to usher in this mass hysteria of doom in gloom so that they can institute, without argument, their policies of more government. Also, the worse they get the hype, the better chance they have to show the American people how much we need more government.

Take the stimulus package for example, did you know that this bill could set up as many as 300,000 jobs for illegal aliens? With the unemployment rate rising each day, jobs could go to these illegals.  How is that for some stimulating news.

If nothing has changed financially in your household, then don’t quit spending out of fear of the economy. If you quit spending, then yes, businesses make less money. This causes layoffs for businesses that are used to you laying down your dollar.

Yes, there are problems as I stated before. It seems a lot of this hysteria started when the housing debacle came crashing down. This ripple effect and/or affect is causing panic. It’s okay to spend your money, just don’t buy what you can’t afford.

I believe it was Hitler who said, “If you say something long enough and loud enough, people will eventually believe. Of course history shows what he got his country to beleive. Unless you are one of those idiots who claims the holocaust never happened. We’ll save that topic for another day.


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