What’s in a Homecoming

My son came home today (Friday) for the weekend. Just before he got home, I thought I heard him pull in. The dog barked and I got excited thinking he had arrived. It was a false alarm. I laughed at myself over the emotion I had experienced hoping he was home.
I hope that I get excited about him coming home every time. I was actually quite giddy upon him being home. I cooked one of his favorite lunches before he was off doing his thing.

Christmas Homecoming with sister and her family

Christmas Homecoming with sister and her family

It made me wonder, does my Lord get excited when he knows that I’m going to come into his presence during prayer, bible study, supplication, church and other activities that involves him. Better yet, what will my homecoming be like when I arrive in my heavenly home.
I’m not in a hurry mind you, but I can only imagine.
I can remember visiting my grandparents and parents as I got older and how good everyone made me feel when visiting.
I know that in the days ahead, homecomings will become fewer and far between. Until then,  I will enjoy the times we have together.
I anticipate future homecomings. Not only his, but other family members as well.
I’m not exactly sure how homecoming in heaven is going to pan out, but I look forward to seeing family members that have passed on.
I miss both my parents tremendously as I do both sets of grandparents.
For now though, I will savor these earthly homecoming as long as they last.


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