What’s in the light

In the book of Genesis, verses 2-5 of chapter 1, we can read about light. God described the light as good. He then divided the light from the darkness.lit-candle
Did you know that darkness can not overcome light? The light may relinquish, but the darkness cannot snuff out the light. In layman’s terms, darkness is really the absence of light. Think of times when it has been totally dark, and you could spot any light. It was illuminating. I know just walking down a dark hallway in my house at night I can spot the dimmest of lights even if it is peeking through the bottom of a door.
I’m going to confess something, I covet the light. I can say that even more since I went five days without any power to my house and it was definitely dark after 6 p.m.
For five days in a row, daybreak was very refreshing and vitalizing. I like having light.
For several days, when it would get dark, I would flip light switches out of habit. I was noticeably lost without the light. I bumped into walls, tripped over things, and sometimes couldn’t find flashlights.
One of my friends allowed me to use his shower and laundry facilities during my outage. A very interesting thing occurred. As the sun set, I stumbled around his house in the dark, even though he was supplied with power to light up his whole house. Pardon the pun, but it was some time before it dawned on me that I could flip switches for the light I so easily coveted. I got used to stumbling around in the dark in just a few short days.
What did I learn from the “ice storm of the century”? Don’t take the light source for granted. We need to bask in the light as long as we have it.
In my spiritual life, I like to walk around in the light as well. With Christ as my power source, I can bask in his glory. Any time I sense any smidgen of darkness, I can go directly to a light source and draw on his power to illuminate everything. He (Yahweh)will be a lamp unto my path the Bible says.
We also need to be reminded that so many things can become cluttered and get in the way of us drawing on the power. The ice on the  power lines were not the main problem with the storm. The biggest problem was the broken trees falling on the lines, thus causing them to break away from the power. This in turn kept people in the dark.
This of course begs the question, what keeps you in the dark? Are you seeking the light?
Most everyone managed to survive the dark days, but I think everyone rejoiced when the light was powered once again.
One day, and only God knows when, the power source will be taken away from some forever. When that day comes, the power source will not come back to those who have continued to stumble around in the dark.
May you truly find the power source of life, and rest in the light forever.


One Response to “What’s in the light”

  1. Ray Edwards Says:


    It is amazing the truths we are reminded of when our routine is interupted. For many of us they are Divine interuptions. How soon we forget and take for granted the very things we need the most. I am glad I have the light of the SON that can never be extinguished or smothered by darkness.

    See you in His light,

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