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What’s in an update

February 27, 2009

Just to update my last post about the Razorbacks, they went 0forFebruary. I’m going to the game on Sunday to see the 1994 National Championship team. They should get a rousing applause from the Razorback Faithful.
We like to decorate our heroes of the past. Not that any of the past Hog players are heroes of mine, but I did enjoy the championship season. I will probably get to see Nolan and I will shake his hand. I’ll keep you notified.
This of course,  if I’m still alive on this earth. The book of James warns us about planning for tomorrow. I’ll save that discussion for another blog.
I’m going to venture out and say the Razorbacks will win over Georgia. I could wait for the results and say I predicted the V, but what fun would that be. Hogs by three over the Bulldogs in Fayetteville.


What’s in the Razorback losses

February 20, 2009

I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been patient, and a proud supporter of the Razorbacks all season. I just won’t keep silent any longer.
There has to be a believable reason behind all the SEC losses that the Razorbacks are incurring. Even at home, they don’t seem immune to losing.
Believe it or not, losing can become a habit. You can get on a losing streak just like a winning streak.Sick Pig
Great teams find a way to win. The opposite can be said for the teams that find a way to lose.
There has to be reasons for only one conference win and all these defeats.
Where do you start? Is it chemistry, or could it be that the clubhouse has a cancer? Coaching philosophy, young players and lack of depth can be attributed to any one of the many setbacks Arkansas has incurred in the second half of the season.
It could just be as simple as they aren’t very good. If that is the case, then recruiting failed. I don’t like it when the sports nation says the SEC is down, but it could be true this season. If that turns out to be the case, then that makes Razorback nation feel worse.
I’m not trying to be one of the many negative fans who yells out negative vibes every time there is a turnover or missed shot, but I’m starting get sick at my stomach after each game.
Then there is the players, how is this affecting them. I can only think that they must be beating there heads against the wall.
Even as I type these miserable words, my head is starting to spin wondering why Arkansas can’t find a way to win.
I digress, but I’m going to hang on. I going to taste the sweetness of victory soon. Arkansas is going to literally rebound from this misery and be back on top of the league soon.
If you are a true Razorback fan, then don’t go to This site will truly make you mentally ill. If you in any way think this post is negative, then you will think I’m a saint if you visit the site.
Actually, when you start reading all the negativity it starts to trash your thoughts and beliefs. You can see what has happened to me. I can’t seem to write anything positive. I need help. Please, all Razorback fans, start writing and vocalizing positive vibes. Throw some grace out there.
I’ll start. I’m behind the program. I’ve certainly proved it this season.
WhoooooPigSoooooie. Is it working? Does anyone believe they will win Saturday?

What’s in an Uncle

February 13, 2009

I recently received news of the passing of Uncle Bill. For some of you, Uncle Bill means nothing unless you have an Uncle Bill of your own.
Your uncle may be Uncle Pete, Dan, Roger, Bob, Doug, Enrique or Mickey, and you may be one of the lucky ones to have had such a wonderful uncle.
Before I tell you too much about this wonderful man, let me just say that his life has always brought joy. Some of you who are closest to me can blame this man for the bantering you have received from me. That’s right, he was one of my dearest teachers of being jovial, fun-loving and downright cantankerous.
I don’t have any ill thoughts of him, and why should I, he was my uncle. If being an uncle was a job, then he was definitely the most gifted and skilled.  If he wasn’t up to something, then he was sleeping. Even then, he was probably dreaming up some prank.img_00501
He liked to pick at you, but in a loving way. He gave my sister a nickname that she will bury with him, unless I keep it alive. So we can safely say, that he will take that name with him.
I have countless favorite stories, but here is one of my favorites. Now he and my aunt had a lake cabin which was the sight of many family reunions. I happened by him in a moment in time when he called upon my assistance. Now you have to understand that there was honor in being called upon to help in any matter for Uncle Bill. “Hey Curtis David, could you help me for a minute?” Uh-Huh I remarked. “You see that rock down there?” After looking down, I once again  said uh-huh. “Do you think you could pick that up for me, it would be a huge help.” As I bent down to pick up this rock that was embedded, he turned on the shower head that was hanging from the tree. I was soaked, and he giggled as I fell victim to his charade. I wasn’t the only victim that day, but I thought someday I would get him back. I never did.
You see, Uncle Bill had the unique ability to make everyone smile and/or giggle just by mentioning his name. He was something.
He also had the ability to make each niece or nephew feel special and important. He always boasted of my parents and always fluffed up the hero in my life, my father. He was a salesman. What was he selling? He was selling life and love. You were somebody in his presence.
I’m blessed, I have a great big family that loves me and each other. Of course, Uncle Bill was a huge part of that. His memory will certainly resonate laughter and fun times for many family and friends in the days to follow. I can still hear him laughing. It brings a smile.
I didn’t shed a tear when hearing of his passing, but as I try to put into words who he was, I can’t stop the emotion. One of the many memories has me rushing back to the days of my youth when he taught me to swim. How ironic is life when sadness can bring us joy.
To my “Moore” cousins, I Love You and I’m sorry for your deep loss. He will be missed.
I am a much richer person on this earth for having Uncle Bill as part of my life.
May you cherish the Uncle(s) in your life.

What’s this Stimulating Hysteria

February 11, 2009

A friend and I were talking about the hysteria surrounding this supposed recession we are in. You know the one the media keeps talking about every hour of every day. I’m not going to send up some smoke screens and say that this country doesn’t have any problems, but it seems the liberal media and the socialist party has embarked on a ploy to to set up the new savior called Obama.
Now this friend of mine was listening to this middle-aged woman tell how the economy has halted her families Friday night outings that they are accustomed to. My friend politely apologized for not knowing that one of them (husband and wife) had lost their job. She got a confused look on her face when he made is peculiar statement. “Neither of us has lost our job.” My friend then further inquired about cut hours, cut in pay until he realized that nothing had changed in their income or jobs. Is this hysteria happening everywhere? He then challenged her to keep her Friday night date since nothing had changed in their household.img_45ab85b7d1a732

If the majority of Americans take this attitude, that is, if there is no change in the dynamics of your household, then carry on financially as you have. Unless you are in debt up to your eyeballs.
The socialist  want to usher in this mass hysteria of doom in gloom so that they can institute, without argument, their policies of more government. Also, the worse they get the hype, the better chance they have to show the American people how much we need more government.

Take the stimulus package for example, did you know that this bill could set up as many as 300,000 jobs for illegal aliens? With the unemployment rate rising each day, jobs could go to these illegals.  How is that for some stimulating news.

If nothing has changed financially in your household, then don’t quit spending out of fear of the economy. If you quit spending, then yes, businesses make less money. This causes layoffs for businesses that are used to you laying down your dollar.

Yes, there are problems as I stated before. It seems a lot of this hysteria started when the housing debacle came crashing down. This ripple effect and/or affect is causing panic. It’s okay to spend your money, just don’t buy what you can’t afford.

I believe it was Hitler who said, “If you say something long enough and loud enough, people will eventually believe. Of course history shows what he got his country to beleive. Unless you are one of those idiots who claims the holocaust never happened. We’ll save that topic for another day.

What’s in a challenge

February 9, 2009

Do you like to be challenged?
I believe that we should have friends, family, coaches, parents, siblings, girlfriends, boyfriends, bosses and pastors challenge us on a regular basis.
Cheerleading is fine for my life, but it does not stimulate growth. Now I don’t mind affirmation in my life, in fact I need it. Even though you and I need affirmation, we need challenges more.
Are your set of friends challenging you to be the best friend, worker, christian, father, sibling so on and so forth? Now I’m not talking about a daily grilling, I’m talking about healthy stimulating discourse.
If you are one of my closest friends, are you a better person for being my friend? Now when most of you stop giggling and your eyes roll back into normality, then think about the question. Is your girlfriend making you a better person? Does your coach make you a better player. Does your pastor challenge you from week to week or does he just cheer lead from the pulpit?
Now because of my job situation, I travel quite a bit which means I visit a lot of churches when I set up camp in a new town. I have the privilege of gleaning from some of God’s best. Except, I don’t always get to hear the best. Can you guess which churches I usually become a regular attender? That’s right, the pews where the pastor and his staff challenge the congregation. I also look for a good worship service. Oddly enough, the two usually go hand in hand.t025060a
Ray Edwards is a dear pastor friend of mine and he may not remember this, but the first time I ever met the man he asked me when I got saved. Are you serious? Actually I loved the question, but what a question. I surveyed my salvation the instant he asked.
The question also made me wonder if he asked for heaven’s sake, or did I walk in a way that misidentified my position with Christ.
So here is the question, does your circle of influence make you better? Iron sharpens iron, and their is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
I’ll cheer you from time to time, but I would rather see you grow than soak in the applause of mediocrity.
I challenge you to seek those that can help you grow, but also the ones that you can help grow for the kingdom.

What’s in the Ark

February 7, 2009

I’m doing some research on Noah’s Ark. I’m looking for some theological insights and interesting facts about the Ark.
For example, if the Ark is a picture of Christ, then what can we glean from this historical time of history. Did you know that there was not any births on the Ark. The application from this, you can’t be born born-again. In other words, you can’t be born saved.
Here’s another, the pitch that Noah covered the Ark with, it is a symbol for the blood of Christ.elfred3
The Ark was inspired by God, but built by Noah. Christ was both God and man while on earth.
Send me your insights, I am eager to study them. You might say, I want my research to stay afloat.

What’s in a Homecoming

February 6, 2009

My son came home today (Friday) for the weekend. Just before he got home, I thought I heard him pull in. The dog barked and I got excited thinking he had arrived. It was a false alarm. I laughed at myself over the emotion I had experienced hoping he was home.
I hope that I get excited about him coming home every time. I was actually quite giddy upon him being home. I cooked one of his favorite lunches before he was off doing his thing.

Christmas Homecoming with sister and her family

Christmas Homecoming with sister and her family

It made me wonder, does my Lord get excited when he knows that I’m going to come into his presence during prayer, bible study, supplication, church and other activities that involves him. Better yet, what will my homecoming be like when I arrive in my heavenly home.
I’m not in a hurry mind you, but I can only imagine.
I can remember visiting my grandparents and parents as I got older and how good everyone made me feel when visiting.
I know that in the days ahead, homecomings will become fewer and far between. Until then,  I will enjoy the times we have together.
I anticipate future homecomings. Not only his, but other family members as well.
I’m not exactly sure how homecoming in heaven is going to pan out, but I look forward to seeing family members that have passed on.
I miss both my parents tremendously as I do both sets of grandparents.
For now though, I will savor these earthly homecoming as long as they last.

What’s in the light

February 3, 2009

In the book of Genesis, verses 2-5 of chapter 1, we can read about light. God described the light as good. He then divided the light from the darkness.lit-candle
Did you know that darkness can not overcome light? The light may relinquish, but the darkness cannot snuff out the light. In layman’s terms, darkness is really the absence of light. Think of times when it has been totally dark, and you could spot any light. It was illuminating. I know just walking down a dark hallway in my house at night I can spot the dimmest of lights even if it is peeking through the bottom of a door.
I’m going to confess something, I covet the light. I can say that even more since I went five days without any power to my house and it was definitely dark after 6 p.m.
For five days in a row, daybreak was very refreshing and vitalizing. I like having light.
For several days, when it would get dark, I would flip light switches out of habit. I was noticeably lost without the light. I bumped into walls, tripped over things, and sometimes couldn’t find flashlights.
One of my friends allowed me to use his shower and laundry facilities during my outage. A very interesting thing occurred. As the sun set, I stumbled around his house in the dark, even though he was supplied with power to light up his whole house. Pardon the pun, but it was some time before it dawned on me that I could flip switches for the light I so easily coveted. I got used to stumbling around in the dark in just a few short days.
What did I learn from the “ice storm of the century”? Don’t take the light source for granted. We need to bask in the light as long as we have it.
In my spiritual life, I like to walk around in the light as well. With Christ as my power source, I can bask in his glory. Any time I sense any smidgen of darkness, I can go directly to a light source and draw on his power to illuminate everything. He (Yahweh)will be a lamp unto my path the Bible says.
We also need to be reminded that so many things can become cluttered and get in the way of us drawing on the power. The ice on the  power lines were not the main problem with the storm. The biggest problem was the broken trees falling on the lines, thus causing them to break away from the power. This in turn kept people in the dark.
This of course begs the question, what keeps you in the dark? Are you seeking the light?
Most everyone managed to survive the dark days, but I think everyone rejoiced when the light was powered once again.
One day, and only God knows when, the power source will be taken away from some forever. When that day comes, the power source will not come back to those who have continued to stumble around in the dark.
May you truly find the power source of life, and rest in the light forever.