What’s in Driving

Have you ever been driving and thought, I’m the only one who knows how to drive?the_thinker2
It’s true, there are mindless drivers on the road everywhere.
It seems that every time I drive, I encounter a “driver” that has no idea how to drive.
Honestly, I’m probably not the best driver around, although by virtue of living in Carroll County, Arkansas-there is a chance that I am in this small part of the world. With that said, I’ll probably have some sort of incident in the near future.
So what drivers (pardon the pun), drive you crazy?
How about when someone pulls out in front of you and there are no cars behind you? Especially when you have to hit the brakes. Then there is the vehicle in front of you, and I mean way in front of you and they tap their brakes repeatedly. It is at these times that I want to directly communicate that I’m so far behind them that two people could pull out in front of me before I would have to hit the brakes.

Rural Traffic

Rural Traffic

Then there is one of my all time favorite, two automobiles in front of me in two separate lanes going the same speed. That speed also happens to be under the posted limit.
Now I come from a long line of master drivers, my father (rest his soul) just loved it when someone would tailgate him. Times have changed, if someone is tailgating, they are usually peeved, or you’ve just pulled out in front of them. Unfortunately, I have on occasion, adapted to these stunts and done this unthinkable.
Besides crazy drivers, there are those unexplainable traffic lights. Have you ever sat at a traffic light and noticed that your vehicle is the only one there? mosig2I once wondered if dentist had secretly placed devices in my fillings that triggered traffic lights. I have not yet dismissed this.
Yes, driving can be fun and it can certainly challenge your faith each time you sit behind the wheel. Count your blessing though, it could be worse. What if traffic was like pushing a shopping cart through Wal-Mart. Yes, it is true, sometimes after shopping in this mega-giant store, getting behind the wheel is a sigh of relief.
Which leads me to believe that most people in these parts, hone their driving skills in wallyworld.
is4050521Ironically, my teeth hurt each time a new traffic light is erected. This leads to a dental appointment. This in turn leads me to the above mentioned superstore to get my prescription filled. Of course, being drugged, I inevitably pull out in front of someone as I leave the dentist.
I finally make it to the pharmacy after catching every red light.
My theory, bad driving is caused by dentist. I knew it!


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One Response to “What’s in Driving”

  1. matt Says:

    I always follow traffic laws when pushing my cart in Wal-Mart. I go down the right side of the aisle, I stop at intersections, and I pay attention where I am driving. However, I find that I am the only one who does this.

    My personal pet peeve is when someone passes me, when I going well over the speed limit, then they drive about five miles an hour under, and then shortly thereafter, they turn.

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