What’s in a Best Friend

topheader-bluejerseylogoAs I stated before, I love double plays. This past Saturday I got to speak at Upwards Basketball. My topic, 30 years of friendship. How many of you can say you’ve been friends with someone for thirty years?

First, let’s talk about Upwards Basketball. If you are not familar with this program, then I challenge you to “google it.” That is, “google it” after you finish this read. Upwards Basketball is a huge douple play in the lives of all involved with each local program. Of course there is a huge sacrifice that takes place just to run the program. Just like any other program (especially sports) plenty of sacrifice must take place. There are the volunteers from the church, coaches, parents, players, clock keepers, guest speakers and everyone else who takes the time to ensure the kids learn more about life and life lessons than they do about basketball. Oh there is the competition of basketball, but there are so many underlying lessons that learned through this program.

If you are familar with the program, then you know that there are guest speakers that share at intermission between each game. This past saturday, I was given the opportunity to share during halftime of the last game of the day. Since the activities were at the local community center, I managed to play some racquetbqall in and around the speaking engagement. I share this to let you know that it’s not every day that a short-fat-balding-sweaty-white guy pours his heart out while not looking his best.

However, I did manage to share a very huge blessing in my life. Of course I’m speaking of the 30-year friendship I currently have with the man I will call “Glodie.” I will save the explanation of that nickname for another time and another space. Actually, if I explained, you wouldn’t really understand.

Glodie and my new best friend

Glodie and my new best friend

Several months ago, my friend entrusted me with the information that he and his wife (my new best friend) were praying about adoption. Of course I accepted. My only objection, that I wanted to keep my last name. Seriously, I joyfully listened. He informed me that they had put me down as a reference, and that was where he left it. He didn’t coach me in what to say if I got a phone call, and he wasn’t worried about what I might say.

The phone call did happen and some thirty minutes later, I felt that I had easily gave my friend a glowing reference. I didn’t embellish. I didn’t dodge any questions. I didn’t exaggerate or even answer with empty words. I merely told the truth. It was as simple as that.

This is what I took away from that phone call.

1) Having a friend of 30 years is a huge blessing

2) Truth makes referencing easy

3) My friends life is truly blessed

4) My friend is F.A.T. – Faithfull, Available and Trustworthy

5) My friend and his family love the Lord and want to make a difference

Did I mention 30 years? Truth is, I have lots of friends, but fewer best friends. Glenn, you and your family are truly a blessing.

6) It was an honor to be a reference.

Now this couple of 17 years (I hope I got that right) already has two children so this could turn out to be a huge undertaking. Of course I look forward to only visiting.

Here are my questions for you. What do you say about your friends? What do your friends say about you? Would it be easy to be a reference for your friends? Do your friends entrust you?

I’ll close by saying that our friendship hasn’t always been perfect, but it has been perfect in Christ Jesus.


One Response to “What’s in a Best Friend”

  1. Megan Says:

    that’s cool you’ve had a friend for 30 years. i’m sure you did a great job speaking at the basketball game.

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