What’s in a Broadcast (2)

If you can’t laugh at yourself, then who’s going to. Well, I guess everyone who was listening, that’s who. Wow! I know, you have been laughing at me for some time now, but last night was a doozy.
I’m still laughing at myself from my slurred speech and melodramatic brain response in last night’s broadcast. Unfortunatley, my brain couldn’t find words quick enough to keep up with the action on the floor.
It may be the funniest thing I’ve done publicly. Yes I know, it just goes in a long line of funny moments in this crazy life.
If you weren’t listening, I got my tang toungled (toungue tangled) a couple of tiimes, but the end of the broadcast took the cake. Believe it or not, I butchered my own name. I couldn’t believe it myself, my own name. My name which I’ve heard butchered my entire life, but never off my own toungue.
I didn’t mispronounce my name, I slurred my speech when saying my last name.
Now there are various reasons why broadcasters slur their speech.
1) Alcohol and/or drugs. Sorry, but no.
2) Lack of experience speaking publicly – Maybe.
3) Lack of vocabulary – Now we’re getting closer.
4) Mind works faster than the toungue – This dog will hunt. Although I’m sure some would debate whether I had a brain or not, or that it actually worked.
5) I’m a moron – Sometimes you just have to face the facts.

Actually, it was fun being back on the airways for a turn. I had a little trouble putting names with numbers to start each game, but I muddled through.
The game was Green Forest versus Elkins which is ironic since my first broadcast for KTHS was between Green Forest and Elkins way back in 1987. It happened to be a football game way back then, and I was with the famous Gene Wingate.
Mr. Wingate was an entertainer, at least he was on the road trips. His countless stories kept me in bewilderment most of the time. Sometimes the most appropriate response is no response.

Hopefully I kept you, the listener,  entertained all night. What a fun night.

As far as the picture below. I’ll give you a hint, the gentleman in the tie is now coaching at Russelville.


5 Responses to “What’s in a Broadcast (2)”

  1. Landry Says:

    Well you did say at lunch that it would happen. You just didn’t think it would be during your own name.

  2. Erica Says:

    I’m still waiting for the answer!!
    Oh, and yes, thanks for the comment on Gracie’s awesome moves. She did in fact, get those from her dad… he was behind me demonstrating for her. I only wish I would’ve got a video of that too!

  3. Bryan Says:

    The guy in the tie looks alot like a coach from my days at Green Forest. Could it be Coach Kordsmier (may have butchered that spelling)?

  4. Tim Says:

    {Realized I put my comments in the wrong spot the other night! LOL!}

    Not sure how long it’s been since you soothed the airwaves with your wonderful talent of calling a game, like no other I’ve ever heard, but you were in full form the other night for the Green Forest vs Elkins games. A fine job and you’re more than welcome to come back for next weeks games. I hope you enjoyed the pizza……there’s just nothing like Geraldi’s of Green Forest! Jim and Valorie know how to do it!
    Thank you for filling in. Wish we had you full time here at KTHS!


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