What’s in a surgery

My son had his fourth surgery in as many years this past Thursday. It was his second shoulder surgery in four years on the same shoulder. He is expected to have full recovery in three to six months.
The reason for the second surgery was there was scar tissue and problems from the first surgery that just never went away. The video replay confirmed the call on the field, he has a shredded labrum and rotator cuff. The diagnosis stood.
Time will be his best ally as far as the pain and rehab. He had his first rehab the day after surgery and will continue this everyday. Twice a week he will rehab with a professional at the school.
The only other discomfort in the healing process is having to sleep in a recliner for three weeks. However, this is not his first rodeo.
He will also start back to school this week, but only having classes two days a week will reduce the strain.
Medical advances continue to help athletes like young Mr. Matthews and hopefully the future will get brighter for throwing athletes.
Instead of being sliced opened, they surgeons just drill three(or more) hole in the shoulder and do their work this way. This gives the patients quicker recovery time, less chance of infection and is less evasive in the overall picture.
The other difference that four years makes is the mindset of the patient. I am proud to say that his maturity is going to help him psychologicly in the healing process. He is less stressed than he was four years ago, and has a better outlook this time around. Part of the reason is the help of his coach and advisors at the university. They have done a good job of taking care of this young mans needs. They have conforted him greatly in what could have been a huge time of crisis in an athletes career.
These professionals have given him some huge academic direction and have made it a smooth process with surgery, class and having to sit out a semester of competing.
We thank you for your prayers and support during this time. God is good.


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