What’s in a BCS

We are just days away from the national title game between the SEC and the Big 12. Excuse me, the Florida Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners.
Last night Texas defeated Ohio State for the Fiesta Bowl trophy. Does anyone really care?

"The" coveted trophy

"The" coveted trophy

I know my good friend Wes does. I watched half the game with him. He pretended not to be competitive, but he cared.
Congrats to Wes, my cousin Kaki who graduated from there and the rest of Longhorn nation. Yes, I was pulling for the Big 12 over the Big 10.
Now my late Uncle turned over in his grave last night as I pulled for the Longhorns. My mommy, who I miss tremendously, would have said my birthright would cause me to cheer for the Burnt Orange. Sorry Mother, I didn’t exactly cheer. Just slightly rooted for the W over the “Big 10.”.
Oh yeah, nearly the entire Lone Star State is happy with the victory as well. As they should be.
Now the sports media and the polls called it a BCS Bowl Game, but is that really a consolation? If you play in a BCS Bowl Game, does it mean success?
The point I’m trying to make is this, isn’t the National Title Game the only match up that really matters?
All the games lead to the National Title. With short leashes for a lot of coaches at their prospective schools, will BCS games keep your job? For most programs it is about the final number one ranking. Playing in a “BCS” Bowl Game is really like looking through “rose colored glasses.”
It all sounds good for finishing in the top ten, and might resonate well for recruiting purposes.
The bottom line is the national title, period.


One Response to “What’s in a BCS”

  1. Sayer Says:

    2nd place is first loser, huh?

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