What’s in a title

All-time Sac fly leader

All-time Sac fly leader

My name is Curtis Matthews and I live in rural Northwest Arkansas. Which means that I’m a virtual nobody except to those whose lives I touch from day to day.
Now the title to my special little blog should tell you what my favorite sport is, and maybe what my two favorite stats are in baseball.
Double plays are a pitchers’ best friend, but what about sacrifice flies? I believe that “sac. flies” are a lost art in baseball today. It might come as a surprise that the major league leader for sac. flies in baseball is a Hall of Famer. How bout that as a stat. With today’s ballooned salaries and stat-hungry players, homers and game winning hits are the order for the day. This is especially true with the advent of up to the second highlights through an enormous array of outlets feeding us.
Show me a guy who will hit the sac. fly, and I’ll show you a real baseball player. Oh by the way, the player second overall with sac. flies, he’s in the Hall of Fame as well.
Now in today’s me-first world, sacrifice itself is a lost art as well. Get rich quick, speed climbing on the corporate ladder, work deceit, and anything goes attitudes doesn’t say much about team oriented jobs.
Now for the real heroes of life, the ones who have sacrificed. You can go to Websters and get a dandy definition for sacrifice, but I’ll speed things up for you. When you put others first, you are sacrificing.
You tell me the heroes of your life, and I’ll bet there is plenty of sacrifice behind the scenes or maybe out front.
Now that is a long explanation to why I love sac. flies, but the underlying reason for the title of my blog is my respect for those who sacrifice.
How about double plays? Most all double plays take teamwork. It’s like getting two for the price of one. A double portion or twice the blessing. The best part, it benefits the whole team.
You show me a pitcher who can produce the ground ball, and I’ll show you a pitcher who believes in the defense behind him. Defense wins championships, Right?
Now if you don’t like baseball , then substitute the basketball player who takes a charge(sacrifice) then gets to shoot free-throws (double play or second blessing).
By now you should clearly see the picture.

This is truly how I want to live my life. Sacrifice and turn two. My truest hero, Jesus of Nazareth, not only sacrificed his life for me and you, but turned two in the process. He died, then defeated death and gave us access to him through that sacrifice.
I believe that through every great blessing in life there is sacrifice and a double blessing from God in the process.

I hope to continue to show you sac. flies and double plays in forth coming blogs. By sacrificing your time to read this blog, I pray that you may turn two, a double blessing if you will.


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6 Responses to “What’s in a title”

  1. Ray Edwards Says:

    Welcome to the “blogisphere.” I enjoyed both articles. I look forward to checking your blog on a regular basis.


  2. thsportsguy Says:

    Thanks Bro. Ray, did you read the position and condition that you inspired in your “talk” on sanctification? And “by the way” the son and I thought of you on Christmas when my sister brought out the “sanctified dishes and silverware.”

  3. Wes George Says:

    It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas. You really have a knack for using sports analogies to share God’s wonderful plan for redeeming mankind through His son Jesus.
    We’ll be heading back to OK tomorrow for Mo’s family Christmas gathering. Have a happy new year!

  4. Ray Edwards Says:

    We spent Christmas with Joey, Angie, and the girls. Their sanctified plates were paper. Not as much clean-up.


  5. sayer Says:

    A crisp 4-6-3 double play is as beautiful as the best sunrise you’ve ever seen!

  6. Tim Says:

    Not sure how long it’s been since you soothed the airwaves with your wonderful talent of calling a game, like no other I’ve ever heard, but you were in full form tonight for the Green Forest vs Elkins games. A fine job and you’re more than welcome to come back for next weeks games. I hope you enjoyed the pizza……there’s just nothing like Geraldi’s of Green Forest! Jim and Valorie know how to do it!
    Thank you for filling in. Wish we had you full time here at “Your Country” KTHS!


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